The Ancient Apostolic Church of Alexandria is the 4th Way, a new and yet, a venerable way of being a Christian in today’s world, of being a person of faith in today’s work, of being free.

AACA Founding Documents

Welcome to the website of the Ancient Apostolic Church of Alexandria. We are a sacramental community of Christians dedicated to following the 4th Way, a reinterpretation of the Liberal Catholic Church tradition established in 1916 by Bishop James Ingall Wedgwood and later by Bishop Charles Leadbeater. Our connection to the Liberal Catholic tradition hales from our preceding connection to The Young Rite, a movement intended to foster a fresh perspective within the Liberal Catholic tradition. The Ancient Apostolic Church of Alexandria continues to breath new life into the Liberal Catholic tradition through the 4th Way.

The Church of Alexandria is a free and open community of spiritual seekers walking together on a journey of personal and community transformation. We welcome all gender expressions and sexual orientations. We ask that you bring your authentic self and explore with us the spiritual opportunities that the 4th Way provides.