Rev. William Eddy

Rev. William Eddy, survived 72 yrs. Rev. Eddy a long history of businesses, one lasting over 50yrs, and living on passive income for 37yrs. He was married once, currently with Ivy, his new partner since 2019. Has a history as a certified ski instructor, a ballroom dancer, Toastmasters, has studied Sanskrit and Aramaic. He has had a long interest in vehicles of all kinds. A joker by nature, he loves to laugh and have fun with others.

Rev. Eddy has spent a lifetime in action and on self-development including; warriors weekends, men’s groups, angelic connections, and Mother Divine Church.  He has been a meditator since 1972, involved in TM (Transcendental Meditation) for 23 years.

Rev. Eddy was ordained at 68, and believes this is his best decision. He serves mass as he can, offers last rites and memorial services in Iowa. He has taken the time to form a donation trust for people that he can support and assist. He continues to learn and grow.