Rev. David Kone

Father David Kone was born in Portland, Oregon in 1948 which at that time was a small seaport city surrounded by rich farmland. His destiny was not to be tied to the small cottage his family shared with his grandparents on the side of a small hill with a pastoral cottage on the outskirts of town as his parents were on paths of their own that guaranteed that his childhood was to be turbulent, even brutal at times, but in many respects also inevitably strengthening and somewhat enlightening as to the true nature of humanity.

His work history includes warehouse jobs, dishwasher, roller-coaster operator, stage set worker, graphic artist, park attendant, theater projectionist, taxi driver, truck driver (strait and tractor-trailer), school custodian, child therapist, private tutor, industrial machine repair tech, electronic technician / industrial mechanic, and census taker.

He studied fine arts for three years, specializing in art metal; studied architectural engineering and electronic engineering for three years resulting in an Associate of Electronic Engineering Degree. He studied sociology, psychology, and education resulting in a BA in psychology/sociology. 

He has received many certificates in his life but the one he is most proud of is a Certificate of Ordination to the Apostolic Office of Deacon. Dr. Lewis Keiser Presiding Bishop of the Home Temple ordained him an Interfaith Minister. He was Ordained Priest on January 5, 2014, at the Parish of the Holy Spirit in Queens, NY by Bishop Civiltti.

He served as assistant pastor (2014} at Catholic Universalist Church, Parish of the Holy Spirit in Jackson Heights, NYC under the guidance of Rt. Rev. George Christopher Kuhn. 

Currently, he is semi-retired and living in Deltona, Florida with his wife Luisa.

His hobbies are researching gardening, and various arts and crafts. He lately has been learning how to operate and integrate a laser cutter and engraving machine into his creative ambitions.

His spiritual ambition is to help unite all God’s children, especially Christians, by helping them see beyond the constructs of their beliefs, which we have inherited. Those beliefs and customs are precious, he would not change any of them. However, they can also be a dark curtain, which divides us and prevents us from seeing the exquisite gifts of the celestial world and the true promise of entering the Sovereignty of Heaven.